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We carry a massive variety of steel parts. Therefore we’re a one stop shop for all steel supply. We also manufacture custom sizes to meet your needs. Just tell us the specifications and we’ll have your steel ready. Furthermore, we don’t upcharge for getting you the parts you need. Our prices are maybe the most competitive in the greater Houston area. When you buy more, you spend less.

Due to our amazing customer satisfaction and quality products we partner with tons of companies around Houston. Construction companies from all walks work right along side us. We help contractors, technicians, repair shops and more. We have online inquiry and over the phone purchasing options too.

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Metal Roofing

Why Metal Roofing?

Metal Roofing, like Copper, has played a significant role in architecture for thousands of years. The Romans used copper as roof covering for the Pantheon. Centuries later, copper and its alloys were integral in European medieval architecture.

The copper roof of St. Mary’s Cathedral, Hildesheim, survives to this day. Also the roof at Kronborg. It is one of northern Europe’s most important Renaissance castles. It was installed in the 1585 A.D. The copper on the tower was renovated in 2009.

Earlier metal roofing was a sheeting in the form of corrugated galvanized steel and still find applications today in parts of the developing world.


  • Very durable in cold weather
  • High percentage of recycled material
  • 100% recyclable

It has been proven that metal roofs do not increase lightning strikes. Also if lightning were to ever strike a person’s roof, the metal disperses the electricity throughout the structure safely. In fact, it would be safer for a metal roof to be struck by lightning. This is due to not being flammable or combustible. This also lowers the risk of a fire.

Metal roofing can be used for residential and commercial buildings. The same material used for metal roofs can be used for siding as well. Metal roofing can also be applied over an existing roof. The possibilities are endless.

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metal carports

Metal Carports

Why Metal Carports?

Metal Carports are a covered structure used to offer limited protection to vehicles, primarily cars, from the elements. The structure can either be freestanding or attached to a wall. Unlike most structures a carport does not have four walls, and usually has one or two. These save time and money for anyone around Houston also.

Carports offer less protection than garages, but not without benefits. Therefore they allow for more ventilation. Modern carports are typically made of metal (steel, tin, or aluminum). They are modular in style in the USA. They also remain flat-roofed permanent structures in much of the rest of the world. The carport is considered to be an economical method of protecting cars from the weather and sun damage.

Furthermore, you gain an economical way to keep your paint in good condition. Sun damage is the number one cause of paint deterioration. You maybe should make a slight investment today to save yourself thousands down the road. A carport is a great way to help protect your investment.

Construction And Installation Costscarport houston steel supply company

Fort Bend Steel Supply has all the materials you need. Metal carports are quick and easy to install. If you buy in large quantities you save even more. We offer special deals for large scale projects. You can easily improve the value of your property with a carport installed.

Finding a contractor is easy. There are many companies that would be more than happy to install a carport. For businesses they bring in more customers as well. The protection from the elements makes people feel safer. They’ll know their car is protected.

We’re right around the corner with all the steel supply you can need for a metal carport Houston. It’s time you get the protection for your vehicle that you deserve.

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Steel Purlins

What Are Purlins?

Purlins are considered secondary framing. They are commonly used for pre-fabricated metal construction. They sometimes are also referred to as “secondary structurals” and are essential to many large steel buildings. Their purpose is to distribute loads from the building’s outer surfaces. Then to the main framing and the foundation.

In steel construction, the term Purlins typically refers to roof framing members. They also span parallel to the building eave. Therefore they support the roof decking or sheeting. The purlins are in turn supported by rafters or walls. Purlins are most commonly used in metal building systems. Most commonly where Z-shapes are utilized in a manner that allows flexible continuity between spans.

What Is A Purlin Versus A Girt?

Purlins can be very similar to girts, but their uses are different. While purlins run the horizontal length of rafter structuring to support the roof, girls run in conjunction with columns and walls to provide wall support.

In short, a purlin is a secondary reinforcement for the roofing of a building. They provide additional mid-span support. This allows for wider buildings. The cross structure supports the building.

Girts provide additional support to the column of a structure that hold the walls. They provide additional siding support to withstand impact from wind and weather. This is so your building lasts longer. It also helps reduce noise.

What Types of Formations Are There?

Structural shapes are assigned representative designations. Therefore convenient shorthand descriptions on drawings and documentation. It is common practice in the steel industry. Channel sections with or without flange stiffeners are usually referenced as C shapes. Channel sections without flange stiffeners can also referenced as U shapes. Sections that are shaped similar to the letter Z are referenced as Z shapes.

Look for variations in the designs. Section designations can be regional. So they may also be specific to a manufacturer. Secondary members such as purlins (roof) and girts (wall) are frequently cold-formed steel. These include C, Z or U sections, (or mill rolled) C sections. Other variations exist.

Cold formed members can be efficient on a weight basis. In comparison to relative to mill rolled sections for secondary member applications. Additionally, Z sections can be nested for transportation bundling. They lap at the supports to increase strength. This is to develop a structurally efficient continuous beam across multiple supports.

Exactly how many and what size secondary framing elements you need may vary. Your building may require different purlins based on the building’s dimensions. The type of framing that is used can greatly affect the cost. It may be necessary steel supply to ensure safe construction though.

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