Metal Paneling

Fort Bend Steel offers Metal Paneling Houston. Furthermore it can be used for a variety of commercial, industrial, architectural, and applications. Metal paneling can also be used in the construction of homes as walls or roofing.

 "PBR" Metal Panels

PBR is a multipurpose, low-profile roofing and wall panel. It can be applied over open framing or solid substrate. It is also recognized for versatility in multiple environments. So the PBR metal paneling is a staple. Furthermore providing various designs through horizontal and vertical options. Also as well as roof and wall applications. PBR offers high quality with the ease of delivery and installation. The versatility of this exposed fastener makes PBR a classic choice.


"PBU" Metal Panels

A simple profile with an aesthetic that is versatile enough for both roofing and wall projects. Offering various design options, the PBU metal paneling can be used in both roof and wall applications as well as installed horizontally or vertically. As one of the cost-efficient metal panels in the industry, PBU sustains with longevity and quality. Our most versatile profile, this exposed fastener panel can be installed vertically or horizontally.