Types of Rebars

Depending on the requirements and location of your project, you can choose five different types of rebar. Choosing the right type is very important to ensure the successful execution of your project. 1. European Rebar: This rebar is usually made of manganese; therefore, it tends to bend easily. It is not the right choice for … Continue reading “Types of Rebars”

What Is Metal Roof Chimney Flashing?

Do you like placing a bucket in the center of the living room to collect the water droplets coming from the roof? Of course not! Nobody likes that, and a leaky roof is a terrible thing. But the good news is that something like metal roof chimney flashing exists! Metal roof flashing is a way … Continue reading “What Is Metal Roof Chimney Flashing?”

Uses and Benefits of Stainless Steel Expanded Metal

Stainless steel expanded metal is made from stainless steel metal sheet. It is formed with the process of die-cutting and stretching, which gives it a diamond-shaped opening. Expanded metal also provides saving in terms of weight and allows free passage to light, liquid, sound, and air. Stainless steel expanded metal is more rigid than an … Continue reading “Uses and Benefits of Stainless Steel Expanded Metal”

Benefits and Uses of Metal Square Tubing

Metal square tubing has various benefits that make its use so common in industries and domestic purposes. They are valuable to the industries due to their strength and ability to bear extreme temperatures and pressure. For domestic purposes, square tubes are used in fencing, pipes, appliance, and gates. Let us have a look at just … Continue reading “Benefits and Uses of Metal Square Tubing”

Advantages of Burglar Bars for Windows

Front doors and windows are the favorite entrance points of burglars. To ensure the safety of your loved ones and valuable items, burglar bars for windows come in handy. Whether it is your office or home, burglar bars can add up to your safety and security to a great extent. Let us discuss the advantages … Continue reading “Advantages of Burglar Bars for Windows”

Different Uses of Angle Bars

An angle bar or angle iron has various uses in different projects. An angle bar is a metal bracket with a shape of a right-angle triangle, usually made out of galvanized steel. Angle bars have various uses in construction and repair works. In fact, the only limit to their usage is the imagination of the … Continue reading “Different Uses of Angle Bars”

What Is A Purlin Roof?

Planning of a strong and reliable roof is extremely important in the construction of a house, building, or a warehouse. Without it, the roofing sheets and tiles have nowhere to rest on and would deviate from their actual positions. Therefore purlin is an integral part of roof construction. Purlins are beams made of steel that … Continue reading “What Is A Purlin Roof?”

Bending Rebar the Right Way

Rebar adds strength to the structure of your construction. Whether placed horizontal or vertical, it holds the material tightly and adds durability to the project. However, many times, bending rebar becomes mandatory to use it for a designated purpose. But if the rebar is not bent properly, it might get weak and damaged. Therefore, the … Continue reading “Bending Rebar the Right Way”

R-Panel Roof

Choosing the right option for the roof may confuse many as several choices are available. Longevity and aesthetics of the building both need proper attention before finalizing the right option. However, with each passing day, the R-panel roof is gaining popularity. The following benefits are closely linked to the R-Panel roof: Availability¬† Even if a … Continue reading “R-Panel Roof”

Benefits of stainless steel angle iron

A properly planned construction needs a lot of different types of structural steel. And if the steel is stainless, it makes the construction even better and stronger. Stainless steel angle iron is one of the most used parts for making the structure of building stronger. It provides several benefits, some of which are mentioned below: … Continue reading “Benefits of stainless steel angle iron”