Choosing a 1/2 inch rebar vs. other sizes for construction

When visiting a construction site, we often see lots of steel components scattered at all corners. All are essential and have their uses, giving strength to the construction. Rebar has its role in holding the concrete firmly. Without its use, the structure will have cracks. Furthermore, ┬áthe short bar with ridges gives strength and adds … Continue reading “Choosing a 1/2 inch rebar vs. other sizes for construction”

Carbon Steel Pipe

The manufacturing industry and infrastructure rely on the products made out of steel. A carbon steel pipe is a cylindrical tube having various applications. It mostly runs underground, transporting liquids such as oil, water, and gas from the source to the final point. Multiple sizes and lengths of piping are available. Hence the selection is … Continue reading “Carbon Steel Pipe”

Applications of stainless steel rebar

Many of us have been noticing the rusty rebar under the bridges, dock areas, or ramps. The places are in constant exposure to the environment that causes it. Spalling happens as the steel in the rebar often expands due to rusting and corrosion. Stainless steel rebar is a better option in many such places. It … Continue reading “Applications of stainless steel rebar”

Stainless steel square tubing

Steel is widely in use today. Various options of sizes, dimension, and shapes are available to suit the construction need. Stainless steel adds in a few alloys giving the steel extra strength and corrosion- resistance properties. Making stainless steel square tubing uses carbon and steel alloy, besides steel is in use in the construction of … Continue reading “Stainless steel square tubing”

Galvanized square tubing

Being united is strength, combining two things adds to its power. Similar to the strength of steel made by combining iron and carbon. Steel has many uses, and galvanizing steel is a popular way to protect it. Use of galvanized square tubing cut costs, especially when working with stainless steel or painted metal tubes. Galvanization … Continue reading “Galvanized square tubing”

Benefits of Aluminum Box Section

Aluminum box section has wide use in commercial and domestic settings for a variety of applications, including: Architectural sections and building works such as; cabinet bracketing, floor support structures, as well as shelving supports Creating posts and fences Frame construction for windows and doors You can use aluminum in a similar way to plastic without … Continue reading “Benefits of Aluminum Box Section”

Which Metals Conduct Heat Best?

Thermal conductivity is the ability of a metal to conduct heat. This property is different for different types of metal, and it is important to consider in applications where high operating temperatures are common. So let’s find out which metal is the best conductor of heat and in what context. Which Metals Conduct Heat The … Continue reading “Which Metals Conduct Heat Best?”

10 Differences Between Aluminum And Stainless Steel

By just looking, you may feel that Aluminum and Stainless Steel are similar, but they are quite different. Go through these 10 differences when deciding which type of metal to use in your next project: Strength to weight ratio One major difference between the two is strong. Aluminum is not as strong as steel, but … Continue reading “10 Differences Between Aluminum And Stainless Steel”

6 Tips for Preventing Rust

When any metal containing iron is exposed to air and water, it forms rust. You can identify rust when you see orange-brown flakes of iron oxide on the meal. This type of corrosion can be highly destructive, as well as unsightly. In this article, we will explore some tips on how to prevent rust. Keep … Continue reading “6 Tips for Preventing Rust”

Difference Between Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled Steel

Steel manufacturing involves various kinds of processes. One of these methods is rolling. Rolling has two types: cold-rolled and hot and steel. The debate between hot rolled vs. cold rolled steel persists to determine which process is the more desirable. Keep reading to learn more about the differences between hot rolled and cold rolled steel. … Continue reading “Difference Between Cold Rolled and Hot Rolled Steel”