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What Are Some Advantages Of Using Aluminum Doors

September 30, 2021 542 Views

The primary purpose of a door is to close a space, but they also make the area look nice and cozy. Doors come in many types and materials, but aluminum doors are one of the most best known when it comes to enhancing interior designs. Here is why so… They Offer Strength And Are Strong … Continue reading “What Are Some Advantages Of Using Aluminum Doors”

Does Stainless Steel Have Magnetic Properties?

September 15, 2021 863 Views

You cannot give a yes or a no as a straight answer to this question. That is because there are many different factors such as its structure, density of the iron, and more. Austenitic steels in categories 304 and 316 are not magnetic. Many popular food processing plants are made of the same steel. Food … Continue reading “Does Stainless Steel Have Magnetic Properties?”

Black Stainless Steel in Contrast to Stainless Steel

July 30, 2021 2164 Views

Black stainless steel is made up of iron, chromium, silicon, nickel, and carbon. They are the same products by which regular stainless steel is made up of. The only difference that arises here is the protective polymer coating. This polymer coating provides a black matte finish look. So, you can say that black stainless steel … Continue reading “Black Stainless Steel in Contrast to Stainless Steel”

What Are Some Different Types Of Steel

June 30, 2021 1214 Views

Stainless steel sinks in laundry rooms are your integrated washboard at the front. Usually, washboards are used when you need to wash any clothes manually. But now you can choose how you want to wash your clothes. Have any dresses that need to be washed gently? The washboard makes the job a lot easier and … Continue reading “What Are Some Different Types Of Steel”

Does Stainless Steel Have Any Magnetic Properties?

May 30, 2021 1693 Views

Stainless steel is commonly used in culinary and cookware, surgical and medical instruments, and construction equipment. One of its most common traits that make stainless steel so valuable is that apart from being corrosion-resistant, stainless steel is also non-magnetic. What most people do not know is that not all categories of stainless steel are non-magnetic. … Continue reading “Does Stainless Steel Have Any Magnetic Properties?”

Steel Industry Rises Once Again!

May 15, 2021 1389 Views

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the steel industry plummeted due to all the protocols and regulations enacted by the government. Social distancing regulations forced steel mills to employ fewer workers. Some steel mills made changes to their floor plans to ensure their employee’s safety. Such restrictions led to a fall in the steel industry during the … Continue reading “Steel Industry Rises Once Again!”

Does Stainless Steel Provide Corrosion Resistance?

April 30, 2021 825 Views

The most common use of stainless steel is in medical equipment and dental instruments. There are two particular reasons for this: Stainless steel can be very easily sterilized, making it ideal for hygienic locations such as a hospital. Stainless steel is corrosion-resistant, and for places such as a kitchen or a chemical industry, it is … Continue reading “Does Stainless Steel Provide Corrosion Resistance?”

What Is Corrosion! And Here Is How Can You Prevent It?

April 15, 2021 937 Views

To begin with, here are some of the different types of corrosion: Uniform Corrosion Pitting Corrosion Crevice Corrosion Intergranular Corrosion Stress Corrosion Cracking Galvanic Corrosion What Is Uniform Corrosion? You can also call this general corrosion because it is the most common type of corrosion. It takes place on the metal component’s entire surface and … Continue reading “What Is Corrosion! And Here Is How Can You Prevent It?”

The Use Of Stainless Steel In the Food And Beverage Industry – Part 2

March 30, 2021 1068 Views

This article is a continuation of the last article titled “The Use Of Stainless Steel In the Food And Beverage Industry.” Some other factors businesses prefer using stainless steel within the food and beverage industry are here: Bacteria And Germs While cooking and placing food on dishes, it’s very common that particles may fall on … Continue reading “The Use Of Stainless Steel In the Food And Beverage Industry – Part 2”

The Use Of Stainless Steel In the Food And Beverage Industry

March 15, 2021 730 Views

Studies show that 128,000 people were admitted to a hospital and 3,000 people have died; of the 48 million who have fallen sick every year in the United States. These are due to foodborne diseases. This lead to government regulations coming into place regarding food safety and industry standards. The popular ones are HACCP and … Continue reading “The Use Of Stainless Steel In the Food And Beverage Industry”