The use of steel vs. wood in rectangular and square tubing fences

If we look at the old pictures of fences at the farms, backyards, or gardens, they were made out of wood or vinyl materials and had wires and cables around it to fix and give them strength. However, the scenario has changed today; things are better and modified to suit the current needs, and the … Continue reading “The use of steel vs. wood in rectangular and square tubing fences”

Stainless steel square tubing

Steel is widely in use today. Various options of sizes, dimension, and shapes are available to suit the construction need. Stainless steel adds in a few alloys giving the steel extra strength and corrosion- resistance properties. Making stainless steel square tubing uses carbon and steel alloy, besides steel is in use in the construction of … Continue reading “Stainless steel square tubing”

Galvanized square tubing

Being united is strength, combining two things adds to its power. Similar to the strength of steel made by combining iron and carbon. Steel has many uses, and galvanizing steel is a popular way to protect it. Use of galvanized square tubing cut costs, especially when working with stainless steel or painted metal tubes. Galvanization … Continue reading “Galvanized square tubing”