Galvanized square tubing

Being united is strength, combining two things adds to its power. Similar to the strength of steel made by combining iron and carbon. Steel has many uses, and galvanizing steel is a popular way to protect it. Use of galvanized square tubing cut costs, especially when working with stainless steel or painted metal tubes. Galvanization increases durability and resistance to corrosion.


Coating galvanized square tubing with zinc protects it from getting rusty or from scratching. It can cut and weld easily. Besides its increased durability and strength, the pipe is cost-efficient and has a long life. The tubing has numerous uses. Construction and manufacturing, fabrication, trailers, repairs, and many other industries use galvanized square tubing.

Galvanization process

The process of galvanizing is simple. The molten zinc binds to the metal in the square tubing by dipping into it. The process of hot dipping is more effective compared to other processes in the market. Hence, putting in hot molten zinc gives the best results.


Galvanizing is a cost-effective method; the tubing lasts longer than other methods and requires less care. Additionally, as the whole tube dips in the molten zinc, it gets completely covered by the protective layer leaving no empty places.

In bad conditions also the galvanized square tubing can last for many years. If by chance, any area affects, the zinc coating on the metal will rust before saving the steel inside. There is not much waste production; hence the tubing is an environmentally friendly option.

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Galvanized square tubing has its drawbacks, also like salty water increases its corrosion. However, its use is in many industries. To know more about it, feel free to contact Fort Bend Steel at (281) 499 5800 . We are the producers of high-quality steel and metal components.

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