U-Panels Houston, Texas

u panel houston
u panel houston

When it comes to roofing options, most people are aware of the two most popular options. Shingles have been popular for years. Metal paneling is quickly gaining favor though. The strengths also become more apparent. Currently, U-Panels have become a popular option when it comes to steel paneling for roofing. They are also commonly used by several contractors in Houston.
U PanelsHere at Fort Bend Steel Supply, our U-Panels are made of the highest quality steel. With years of steel manufacturing steel u-panels Houston Rosharon fort bend texas experience, we ensure that you receive only the highest grade of steel. You can be sure that not only do we use the finest steel in your U-Panel order, we also use high-quality equipment to complete your order.


U Panel Suppliers In Houston


U-Panels are gaining traction in the roofing world due to their versatility. They are not only a popular option for roofing. They can also be used as a partition wall. The can even be used as a liner panel. Furthermore, the ability to be installed over existing roofing shingles is another huge plus. You cut down on disposal costs. That also cuts time and labor.

Fort Bend Steel Supply U-Panel Benefits:

  • Hail and Fire Resistant
  • Wind Resistant (140 mph)
  • 26-Gauge – Commercial Grade Steel
  • Heavier Duty than 29-Gauge
  • Greater Life Expectancy and Durability

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