The use of steel vs. wood in rectangular and square tubing fences

If we look at the old pictures of fences at the farms, backyards, or gardens, they were made out of wood or vinyl materials and had wires and cables around it to fix and give them strength. However, the scenario has changed today; things are better and modified to suit the current needs, and the focus is on durability and quality. Rectangular and square tubing fence are at many places, the wood is replaced with steel pipes that make the fences stronger, fire-resistant, and increases their life span. Overall, the cost remains the same no matter we use steel or wood, and on the other hand, the risk of fire hazard reduces. Steel fences do not catch fire that easily as a wooden structure. Hence there are several advantages of using steel pipe fencing as compared to other materials. Let’s read further to know more about it.

Square tubing fence with wood or steel

The use of pipes in fences makes it more robust than wood; similarly, breaking wooden bars is easier. Like, e.g., an angry plump bull at the farm can easily damage the wooden fence with its horn, but steel pipes won’t be that easy to break. Dragging steel pipes from one place to another is easier as they are not too heavy to carry, so the work becomes more manageable. The lines quickly fix on the fences, adds to its strength and durability; the structure is strong enough to hold the load. This is one reason why the use of a rectangular and steel square tubing fence is gaining popularity.

Being environmentally friendly

Have you ever heard of the amount of maintenance the wooden fence requires? It is too much; after every few months, the need to repair the cracks arises. Besides, steel requires low maintenance. After installation, it can withstand the fire and strong wind attacks by Mother Nature where else, the wood would destroy, and fire will turn it into ashes. Talking in terms of preserving nature, using steel will not contribute to deforestation like wood. The wood comes from cutting down trees from the forest, which leads to many problems, such as erosion.

Cost and durability

In tubing fence, steel is one of the most durable materials to use. It can withstand different pressures, which add to its value. Hence there is a balance of both cost and durability when it comes to its use in fences. Few costs come with steel fences like welding and paying the workers who build and install it. Though the price is one time only and the resulting rectangular or square tubing fence for the place will have a long life. So, we welcome you to get your steel supplies from us. Fort Bend Steel produces the highest quality metal and steel components to use at various places. We have a vast range of sizes and dimensions available to suit your need. Call us at (281) 499-5800 .

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