3 Benefits of Stainless Steel Drainage Grates

When choosing the right option for the drainage system for your building, there are many things you should consider. While many people spend most of their time and energy figuring out the best drain channel, they miss out on one important thing, the grate material. There are several materials used for drain grates, such as cast iron, polymer plastic, and steel. Though they all are good on their own, it is necessary to choose something durable and long-lasting. Here is where stainless steel trench drainage grates become the show stopper. It is a wonderful option that fits easily anywhere while giving a strong and pleasant design. Below are just some of the benefits of opting stainless steel drainage grates.

1. Hygiene

The most important benefit of going with this option is the hygiene factor. Stainless steel is a nonporous material that makes it smooth. This means that as compared to other materials, it is very easy to clean a stainless steel drain grate. Plus, there are few to none chances that waste will get stuck in pores or ridges. Because of nonporous properties, stainless steel material is resistant to the growth of bacteria. This makes it the best option for restaurants, commercial kitchens, hospitals, etc.

2. Safety

Stainless steel drainage grates are much safer than the other options. The slots are thinner, so there is very little chance of heels getting stuck, which can cause injury. Apart from that, stainless steel is a strong and durable material and can handle a lot of pressure and weight without breaking.

3. Savings

The best thing about stainless steel drain grates is the cost savings part. Firstly the material in itself is less expensive, plus it is very durable, so you do not need to replace it for a very long time.

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