3 DIY Methods for Cleaning Stainless Steel

Stainless steel adds an edgy and sleek look to your property’s interior. What’s better is that stainless steel is surprisingly easier to maintain and clean. You can use a suitable cleaner to wipe off the fingerprints and other marks from their surface. However, not every stainless steel has the same cleaning routine. Thus, you should get a cleaner specified to clean the type of stainless steel used in your property. In addition, you can use the products present in your abode for cleaning stainless steel.

Cleaning Stainless Steel With DIY Cleaners

Commercial cleaners might be unsafe to use on your steel appliances. Hence, you can make your own harmless cleaner to return the shiny, polished look of your stainless steel items. Before you proceed, remember to always spot-check the cleaner before scrubbing it on your appliances.

The following products are present in your home and are excellent for cleaning stainless steel:

1. A Mixture of Dish Soap & Baby Oil

Dish soap effectively cleans the grime and excess oil from stainless steel. Although you might need to go over stubborn stains a few times, it will leave the surface polished as new.

Firstly, look for the direction of the grain on the stainless steel; cleaning vertical to the grain will help scrub the appliance deeply. Next, wipe the surface in the direction of the grain with a wet microfibre cloth. After that, add one teaspoon of dish soap to a cup of warm water to make your very own stainless steel cleaner. Then, take a microfibre cloth and dampen it with the mixture. Use the cloth to wipe your stainless steel item. Wipe the steel surface with a dry cloth to remove water streaks. Lastly, put some baby oil on a clean cloth and rub it with the gran.

You will now have a visibly clean and sleeky stainless steel surface.

2. A White Vinegar & Olive Oil Combo

Using white vinegar and olive oil combo remarkably enhances the appearance of stainless steel. White vinegar scrubs all the grime off; meanwhile, olive oil works to give the surface a shiny finish. You can spray white vinegar directly onto the stainless steel surface or use it to dampen a microfibre cloth. Wait a few seconds after applying vinegar so it can work its magic. Then, wipe clean the appliance vertically to the grain. Afterward, apply olive oil to a microfiber cloth and rub the surface for a sleeky finish.

This method will also leave your stainless steel surface squeaky clean, and edgy as ever.

3. Just Some Warm Water & A Cloth

Using warm water and a lint-free cloth is the safest option to clean a stainless steel surface. Usually, plain warm water is enough to remove any marks from your steel appliances. Also, don’t forget to dry the surface with a towel, so no water spots remain.

You can polish the surface after you clean it to achieve exceptional results. You can gain so much by regularly cleaning stainless steel with warm water.

What’s Next?

You can make your own cleaners for cleaning stainless steel. Whether you use dish soap with baby oil or a combination of white vinegar and olive oil, you can get noticeably polished stainless steel surfaces. In addition, using warm water to clean the surface is just as effective. Hence, you can make your own DIY cleaners when needed.

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