Before Intruders Break-in, Get Burglar Bars for Your House

Are you looking to increase your home security? You can install security cameras and alarms, but you need to get the protection that would ensure that breaking into your property is a difficult task. This is where you can consider getting window security bars, also known as burglar bars. They limit the access to your house and can help keep the burglars at bay. But what exactly are burglar bars? Are they any good? Do they come with drawbacks? You will find the answers below.

What are Burglar Bars?

Burglar bars are metal rods or bars. They are fitted over your windows to create a barrier and protect against possible burglaries and break-ins. Also known as security bars, they are sometimes installed over doors for protection. Typically, they are 5-7 mm in thickness and are available in many designs.

Why Burglar Bars Are a Good Option for Your Home

If your windows do not have any protection, they are vulnerable to intruders. This is how getting window security bars can be beneficial for you:

Physical Security

Window security bars are an effective safety option for your windows. They cannot be easily cut, as they are thick. Moreover, they can withstand pressure. They offer physical security and are a barrier for anyone eyeing your house for intrusion.

Puts You at Mental Ease

If you live in an unsafe neighborhood, installing burglar bars will decrease your anxiety. You can continue with your daily routine and have peace of mind. 

Warn You of Break-Ins

If someone is breaking into your house, the noise will put you on alert and lookout. Although it is possible you might not hear the noise of metal rods being cut. Therefore, you can attach an alarm system to your window security bars. In this way, you and your security company will be warned about the intrusion. This can help you get rid of the possible crime before it occurs.

Adds to Home Value

If you aim to sell your property, having burglar bars can actually help. Many buyers will be willing to pay more for a property with proper security.

Helps in Protecting Children

Security bars in homes with children roaming around can be a big relief. How? They will stop your children from falling out of the windows. This will also reassure you that your children are protected from such accidents.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Burglar Bars?

As efficient and secure burglar bars are for your home, they come with a few drawbacks. These include:

  • They can negatively affect the aesthetics of your house and look out of place in a lavish house. However, there are decorative burglar bars that might help solve this issue.
  • They can block the outside view, but you can always get retractable burglar bars to help with that.
  • They trap you inside the house if there is an emergency, and the window is your only escape.


Burglar bars are a good investment to make for your security. However, there are a few disadvantages to them. It depends on your preference to go with them or not. Thus, if you are looking to install burglar bars into your house, Fort Bend Steel Supply can help. You can contact us at 281-499-5800 or

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