Do You Know The Difference Between Structural And Nonstructural Steel?

Have you heard of Sears Tower, the Empire State Building, or the Chrysler Building? Did you know that they have something in common? What they have in common is the material they are all built from. Steel is what it’s called.

After the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 was built, the first steel building. That was because city planners wanted to find a solution to the timber framing, which was the main culprit of destroying thousands of buildings. After all, the planning came into existence, the 10-story Home Insurance Building. It was constructed in the year 1885 and was made of a steel skeleton supported by reinforced concrete. From this moment onwards, steel was regarded as one of the critical most essential building products globally.

Did you know that almost fifty percent of the world’s produced steel is used in the construction industry?

But Why Is Steel So Important?

Steel is used in various industries, such as the automotive industry, medicine, chemical and oil production, and several other applications.

But steel produced and known as structural steel is the one used in the construction industry. It’s not just a matter of names but how structural steel is made is different than usual. But before moving ahead, do you know how steel is made?

The iron that is extracted from taconite ore is made into steel. Taconite is turned into sand, and iron is removed from it using industrial magnets. Then carbon-rich coke is mixed with this iron that gives it the strength. This is eventually made into steel.

How Is This Made Into Structural Steel?

This new steel has a high strength-to-weight ratio and is valued for its durability, flexibility, and versatility. To turn this steel into structural steel, the carbon by weight in the metal is reduced.

Structural steel has to pass rigorous testing for its strength to withstand force, and it also is available in different forms, such as I-beams, z-shapes, tees, bars, and rods. Then this structural steel is used to create the building’s frameworks.

What Is Non-Structural Steel?

Every activity that is not related to construction uses non-structural steel. It is used for heating and cooling equipment, ductwork, stairs, rails, and shelving.

The automotive industry uses non-structural steel in the form of stainless steel for its exhaust systems. In the medical, non-structural steel is used because it can be easily sterilized and is resistant to corrosion. Steel is also used in operating tables and MRI scanners.

When you look at a tall standing tower, do not forget to thank the steel used for building it. If you are looking to buy different steel supplies, visit Fort Bend Steel Supply now or call us at 281-499-5800.

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