Galvanized Steel – A General Introduction And Its Domestic Use.

Who likes a rusty iron nail? Well, no one. Rust not only makes a metal structure look aesthetically unpleasing, but it also undermines the strength of a metallic frame. In our battle against rust, we have many tricks up our sleeves. One such weapon in our arsenal is a process called galvanizing.

What is galvanizing, and how does it work?

A galvanized steel is a steel structure coated with zinc. The thickness of the coat varies according to the function and need of the design. The zinc coat protects the underlying steel from corrosive agents like harsh weather, salty water, and humid air.

Zinc acts as a sacrificial metal that gets corroded itself while underlying steel remains intact. Even after dents and scratches, if the steel gets exposed, zinc around it will continue to protect the steel. Such protection occurs because zinc is more reactive than iron. Hence, when exposed to similar reagents, zinc reacts away more readily than iron. As a result, galvanized steel is more durable than traditional ones.

The uses of galvanized steel:

Galvanized steel is used everywhere; essentially, it is a more durable alternative for traditional steel. From domestic buildings, cars to marine structures, you will find galvanized steel around. For domestic use, galvanized steel is used as a material to construct roofs.

Benefits of Galvanized Steel for roofing:

Using this improvised steel has an immediate benefit. The metal roof is now more durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions easily. Consequently, there will be a reduced need for roof maintenance. Hence, in the long run, it will save you your hard-earned money.

Zinc is a shiny metal, so coating it over flat steel will give your roof a lustrous look. Plus, the roof will be more heat resistant because a shiny metal like zinc is a good reflector of sunlight. Such roofing helps maintain and regulate the house temperature. It prevents the house from becoming too hot during summers and too cold during frosty winters.

Although galvanizing improves the life span of a metal structure drastically, the process is not foolproof. Zinc layer corrodes quickly when exposed to severe weather or saltwater. Once the protective layer flakes off, it will be only a matter of time before rust attacks the steel underneath. However, coupled with other shielding methods like paints, galvanized steel holds a strong chance against severe reagents.


Galvanizing is an ingenious solution to the problem of rust. Hence, there is no surprise how quickly the method stuck and became immensely popular. A well kept and regularly washed roof lasts for more than 40 years. Hence, it is wise to choose galvanized steel for roofing purposes.

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