R-Panel Roof

Choosing the right option for the roof may confuse many as several choices are available. Longevity and aesthetics of the building both need proper attention before finalizing the right option. However, with each passing day, the R-panel roof is gaining popularity.

The following benefits are closely linked to the R-Panel roof:


Even if a material adds life to the roof, if people have to search for it from faraway places, it becomes the least favorite. These panels being easily available, have become a constructor’s choice. Furthermore, as these are economical, a person would not think twice before choosing it.


Who doesn’t want their house to be different from those in the neighborhood? Since the panel roof is available in a wide range, you can choose from the style that appeals to you. Additionally, r-panels roof colors will amaze you as these come in a wide collection. You may select the one that matches your exterior.

R-Panel roof installation

The installation of these panels is as easy as that of a door. You can fit the screws of the panel quickly. The ribs overlap each other giving a longer life to the panel. Furthermore, the extra support also lets the panels fit properly. You would not need to spend a lot of cost for installing the roof.

Fire resistant

R-panel roof, being made from steel, is fire-resistant and would save the house from any unfortunate event. Furthermore, the material used for the r-panel roof is eco-friendly and can be recycled easily.

Fort Bend Steel Supply is one of the leading steel suppliers and makes sure to provide the material that is beneficial for the general public. By making the r-panel roof readily available, we ensure to have your house built in no time. To clarify any query call us on (281) 499-5800.

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