Rebar vs Wire Mesh

While taking up a concrete construction project or while hiring a contractor, the question that worries many is whether rebar or wire mesh is a better choice for your construction. Both add strength to the concrete, but an argument on rebar vs wire mesh has always been there. Therefore, which one to choose from the two needs a thorough decision.

Rebar vs wire mesh-Basic factors in choosing

The building, homes, and pools all require strong concrete slabs. However, while considering rebar vs wire mesh- what is a better choice.

Considering the following factors make the decision of choosing between rebar and wire mesh easy:

  1. Thickness of a concrete slab

    The thickness of the slab will determine whether you should use rebar or a wire mesh. If the slab is not very thick, the wire mesh will be an excellent option to make the concrete strong. However, constructors prefer rebar if the slab is thick as rebar works well when placed vertically.

  2. Cost

    Cost is one of the most dominating factors when choosing between rebar and wire mesh. People who are concerned about cost would prefer to use wire mesh as it is cheaper. As wire mesh has thin steel bars, therefore, they need less material, which makes it less expensive. Rebar, on the other hand, is thick, so the cost increases.

  3. Orientation and shaping

    The rebar is thick and strong and can be put flat to make concrete slabs or can be placed vertically. The orientation of wire mesh can also be flat or vertical; however, wire mesh is easy to roll and give a shape whereas giving shape to rebar is difficult.

The argument against rebar vs wire mesh is never-ending when constructors start their construction work. What matters is the quality of steel used for rebar or wire mesh. Fort Bend Steel makes sure to use high-quality steel for all its products to strengthen your buildings and homes.

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