Square Tubing Vs. Purlins: What’s Right For Your Build?

Square tubing and purlins are both popular types of structural support. On the surface, these materials look similar. So what is the difference between square tubing and purlins, and why might you want to work with one over the other? Keep reading to learn which supply is best for your project.

About Square Tubing

Square tubing is a versatile material that is usually used as structural support. Buildings, bridges, and highways are commonly supported by square tubing. It’s available in many different sizes, gauges, and lengths, making it easy for you to purchase tubing that fits your specific needs. At Fort Bend Steel Supply, we only sell tubing made from the highest grade steel, so you can be confident that your build will stand strong over time.

About Purlins

Like square tubing, purlins are usually used to provide structural support. However, purlins are most typically used in roofing projects to create a strong foundation for shingles or paneling. The key difference you’ll notice between square tubing and purlins is that purlins are not closed into a box shape like square tubing. Purlins come in either a C-shape or a Z-shape. Like our other supplies, we only offer purlins made of high-quality material so you can be confident as you build your roof.

Whether you need square tubing, purlins, or another material for your project, Fort Bend Steel Supply is here to help. Visit our website to learn about what we offer, or call us at 281-499-5800 for more information.

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