The Importance of Using Rebar

You want your build to last a lifetime. While there are many ways to reinforce a project, rebar is one of the most versatile and reliable options. But what exactly is rebar, and why should you choose it over another type of reinforcement? Keep reading to learn about this important material.

What is Rebar?

The name rebar is short of reinforcing bar. Rebar is a short bar that is usually made of carbon steel and has thick ridges. It is commonly used as construction reinforcement because it is stronger than other materials and can best help concrete withstand pressure. Small projects may use individual pieces of rebar, but most large-scale projects will use multiple pieces of rebar that are woven together into a rebar beam cage.

When to Use Rebar

Rebar commonly used when working with concrete. Rebar can help concrete withstand tension, helping the material to maintain its strength over time. It is also commonly used to reinforce masonry projects. Rebar is a common building material and is a crucial component to most commercial infrastructure projects.

Getting Rebar From a Local Supplier

Fort Bend Steel offers rebar in a variety of styles. When you work with a local supplier like Fort Bend Steel, you will be working with someone who understands the unique needs of builders in the Houston area. We offer personalized service and a quick turnaround time so you can spend less time purchasing supplies and more time building.

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