The Top Three Metal Alloys

Copper, brass, and bronze are metals known for their red-tinted color. Copper is a pure metal, while bronze and brass are alloys. All these metals have their distinctive properties for various industries.

What Does Copper Do?

Copper is metal without iron, unlike two other alloys. It is found naturally and is used as its own or can be combined with other metals to make a compound.

Properties Of Copper.

  1. Copper has an excellent electrical and thermal conductivity.
  2. It resists any impact of corrosion and wears down due to its strength.
  3. It has the property to combat any bacteria that qualifies for food manufacturing industries.

Applications Of Copper.

  1. Construction.
  2. Plumbing.
  3. Electric wires.

What Does Brass Do?

Just like copper, brass has no iron but a compound of copper and zinc. Brass can get along with many metals, such as tin, lead, silicon, and manganese.
Properties Of Brass.

  1. Has more strength than copper.
  2. Can be pressed into any shape without breaking.
  3. Recyclable.

Applications Of Brass.

  1. Musical instruments.
  2. Electronics.
  3. Decorative Items.

What Does Bronze Do?

Bronze is a copper-based alloy, which has copper and tin.

Properties Of Bronze.

  1. Great thermal conductivity.
  2. High ductility.
  3. Corrosion resistance.

Applications Of Bronze.

  1. Bearings and bushings.
  2. Electrical springs and connectors.
  3. Petrochemical tools. As it has non-sparking properties.

How Do You Choose The Right Metal For The Project?

Using metal wisely is important for your business and should also be high in quality. All three metals are good at providing strength and are thermal and corrosion-free.

But amongst these, how do you choose one that rightly fits your project? Therefore, here are some critical differences between them to choose from.

  1. All three metals have ranges of flexibility. Copper is oxygen-free, the most flexible among the two alloys, and has greater conductivity power. On the other hand, the two alloys are better in machinability.
  2. Brass is inexpensive and suitable for all applications. Great for decorations and food packaging.
  3. For marine industries and machines, bronze is very suitable as it has the highest degree of resistance and can withstand stress in any application.

Final Note

Now that you know the difference between each metal and its properties, you can easily find these metals at Fort Bend Steel Supply, where they will instruct and guide you in creating your project of the highest quality.
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