Uses Of Steel Pipes And It’s Advantages

Many ancient civilizations used pipes for irrigation and sewerage systems. Eventually, as society progressed and prospered, materials used to make pipes evolved, and piping demand increased. At first, humans used wood like bamboo to construct pipes. However, fast forward to the current era, steel is the crowned leader of the piping industry. Although many types of steel pipes are used today, welded and seamless pipes are the most common ones out there.

Steel is forged into pipes using cylindrical molds. Furthermore, welded steel is made by stretching steel into long tubes and then welding the sides.

The Uses Of Steel Pipes:

For domestic purposes, PVC pipes have replaced steel pipes— especially for plumbing purposes. The primary reason behind the replacement is the steel’s susceptibility to rust. Prolonged exposure to moist air causes rust formation. Rust is a porous layer that then covers the surface of the steel. Rust flakes off easily and leaves the underlying steel structure at the mercy of nature. Hence, corrosion undermines the durability and strength of steel pipes.

However, plastic PVC pipes are more rigid. These pipes snap under high pressure. Furthermore, they wear off quickly under extreme conditions. Enterprises move around gases at high pressure or exceptionally hot or cold liquids. Thus, many industries still employ steel pipings.
However, most industries circulate water at a high temperature. Water at high temperatures is extremely corrosive. A few industries use pipings to transport acid. Acid, under any circumstances, is corrosive. Hence, ordinary steel piping doesn’t stand a chance against such deadly reagents.

Stainless Steel To The Rescue:

Stainless steel is an alloy formed by processing chromium into carbon steel. Alloying makes the steel corrosion-resistant, about 200 times compared to ordinary steel. Hence, due to such useful properties, many industries install stainless steel pipes.

Following industries make use of stainless steel pipes:

Oil and gas: As humans explore the earth’s depths to extract oil and gas, stainless steel pipes have become imperative. Stainless steel pipes are essential because pipings are now at risk of extreme pressure, temperature, and corrosive agents.

Power plants: Coal, Gas, and nuclear power plants have one thing in common. Water! Water converted into steam drives the turbine, and then transported to the cooling unit. From the cooling unit, water is again transported to the turbines. Hence, stainless steel pipes help complete the “water cycle.”

Steel industries: Making steel using steel, fascinating! Steel industries utilize a lot of water. Hence, stainless steel pipes are used to circulate water around the plant.


We have only scratched the surface of the immense uses of steel pipes in the modern world. Due to durability and flexibility, steel has declared itself the unparalleled leader of the piping industry.

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