When to Use Square Tubing?

When building a structure, you must have come across square tubings. Offering many advantages, square tubes provide durability and last long. This metal product, like others, is valuable in terms of its performance. Hence, where exactly do we use square tubings?

Square tubes are versatile; you can use them in various architectural designs. Ranging from decorative dividers to columns, you can use these metal tubes in a number of ways.

What is Square Tubing Used for?

You can use square tubes to compose columns, fences, entry gates, railing, decorative dividers, and more. Here is a detailed view of the uses of square tubes:

1. Columns

Since square tubes are capable of bearing different loads, they are often used to form a network of building columns. Many believe that the hollow shape of square tubes prevents them from supporting such loads, but this is not true at all. In fact, the tubes are preferred since they are lightweight. Thus, square tubing has a suitable strength-to-weight ratio, which rivals wood, PVC, and even concrete.

You can also use square tubing with concrete to strengthen the structure, boosting tensile strength. Using it with semi-brittle concrete reduces construction costs. Moreover, it allows the structure to bear physical impacts much better.

2. Fencing

You can use square tubes for a fencing structure as well. Whether residential or agricultural structures, these metal tubes offer safe enclosure to your property.

When used for agricultural structures, square tubing protects machinery, harvest, livestock, and farm equipment. Residential structures can also use square tubing for backyards, separated spaces, and even garden areas. Furthermore, you can cut it according to your preference as well.

Square tubes don’t rust, giving them a benefit over other materials.

3. Entry Gates

For an ultramodern appeal to your residential property, you can definitely consider square tubing. These tubes are perfect for contemporary house designs, adding both aesthetics and functionality.

Residential gates, in general, improve the security of a property. But with square tubings, you can enhance the security and curb appeal. Furthermore, you can modify them in different designs and even use them with other modern home solutions like turnstiles, automatic gate openers, and more.

4. Railing

Square tubings are used as railings, found in most structures. In general, basic designs of square tubings are popular. Still, you can use them with other designs, including sunburst, fan, sawn baluster, and more.

Metal railings benefit many building structures. For instance, in the logistics industry, railings can be seen as a low-cost alternative for barebones mezzanines. Other than this, factories and industries have been using metal tubings for years. This is because they’re affordable, easily available, and easy to set up.

5. Decorative Dividers

Square tubes can serve as typical dividers or wall partitions. Although they’re usually installed as ornaments, dividers offer a few important functions. For example, they help separate spaces in a building’s interior. In addition, they can look good with metal wall cladding, industrial ceilings, and other elements.

Choosing square tubes over synthetic materials for dividers. This is because they can endure extreme temperatures considerably well. Plus, they’re low-maintenance!

What’s Next?

Square tubing has many uses for your property. Whether you’re building a fence or a divider, metal tubes are an excellent choice. Find steel products at Fort Bend Steel Supply. You can visit us at 14038 S Gessner Rd, Missouri City, TX 77489. Or talk to us by dialing (281) 499-5800.

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