2 Simple Steps on How to Cut Metal Roofing

Are you giving your roof a makeover? Or, perhaps, you want to know if metal is a suitable roofing material for your new home. After all, it is a durable, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient choice for your roof. Among the many benefits, a metal roof also looks edgy and gives your house a modern touch. It does have its drawbacks, but every material has some sort of disadvantage. So if you’re planning to do it yourself, this blog will tell you how to cut metal roofing.

Tools & Materials for Cutting Metal Roofing

You can’t just grab a shear and get to cutting the roof. You’ll probably get panels that are pre-cut to fit your roof, or they’ll overlap one another. However, you’ll have several other pieces to cut while installing the metal roofing.

So for the roofing installation, you’ll require these materials:

  • Metal roofing panel
  • Metal roofing trim

After collecting your materials, you’ll need these tools:

  • Aviation snips
  • Profile nibbler
  • Double cut power shear

Steps on How to Cut Metal Roofing

Before starting, wear suitable clothes to keep your skin protected. It is advised to wear gloves and safety goggles too. Then, fix the metal sheets with adjustable clamps, so they don’t budge when you’re cutting them.
To cut metal roofing, you’ll need to follow these steps:

1. Cut a Notch

You’ll need to make a notch if your roof comes with a chimney or sidewall. Start by marking the notch and make cuts across the panels. Use a profile nibbler to make several punches, making it easy to cut over the ribs. Remember that profile nibblers will not track straight, meaning you’ll have to move slowly.

You’ll need the double cut shear for the straight cut on the flat part of the panel. Wear gloves as the double-cut shears make a ¼-in wide cut. This cut creates a sharp and thin metal coil, leaving a nice finished edge. Still, you’ll need to wear gloves to stay away from potential harm or injury.

2. Cut & Bend the Trim Ends

You’ll need to cut tabs at the end of every roofing trim. This will help close the gap they create by bending the trim around the edge. Use the aviation snips to make a series of one-inch cuts at each bend, creating tabs.

After you have cut the tabs, grab a hand seamer to fold the tabs in to match the edge or peak of the roof. The shape of each trim is different, with special cuts and bends.

Clean Up After You’re Done

When you have cut the metal roofing, there will be some cleaning to do. The metal dust accumulates on the sheets; cleaning it off is important. Otherwise, it can weaken the roof and lead to rusting. Carefully dispose of the dust, ensuring that you don’t hurt anyone.

What’s Next?

Now that you’ve learned how to cut metal roofing, it’s time to get the best steel supplies from Fort Bend Steel Supply. Dial (281) 499-5800 to contact us for more information and get the best materials.

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