4 Reasons You Should Use Rebar For Your Concrete Construction Projects

Are you working on a construction project or getting something constructed? You might have heard the term rebar when planning or buying materials. But do you know what rebar is and why it’s important in construction? Carry on reading to find out.

What is Rebar?

Rebar is actually short for reinforcing bar. It is used for creating reinforced concrete in concrete construction. This is because rebar helps keep the cracks from forming, whether you’re using floor slabs, walls, or posts in your construction project. All concrete cracks, but rebars and reinforcing materials are useful in controlling the extent of cracks. Moreover, they provide structural strength.

Why Use Rebar in Concrete Construction?

Rebar provides structural strength, making concrete more resistant to failure. A wide range of rebars is available in the market, each useful in its own unique way. However, aside from strengthening the structure, are there any other benefits rebar offers? Here are some benefits of rebar you may want to consider:

  1. High Ductility
    A material’s ductility is its ability to endure breakage after deformations occur on its appearance. Since concrete has low ductility, using it as a standalone will not end well. When concrete is exposed to environmental conditions, like moisture, it can crack and physically break down.
    Steel, on the other hand, is highly ductile and commonly used in concrete-based activities. This is because it adds strength to the structure.
  2. Impact Resistance
    Impact damage is detrimental to a building’s appearance. In addition, they affect the functionality of the structure as well. Combining other durable materials with steel rebar can effectively generate high-impact resistance for a building. Buildings are required to meet multiple compliance guidelines, verifying their suitability for use.
    Another important aspect is that when natural disasters like earthquakes occur, steel rebars can help resist damage.
  3. Assembles Easily
    Steel rebars can be easily assembled into place, whether you’re using them for columns, paving, damage, foundation slabs, etc. Not to forget, it is convenient to transfer rebars in a single location with the help of readily-available materials.
    Contractors use tying and welding techniques for creating steel rebar frameworks. They can determine what method is suitable for the steel rebar they’re using. For example, a ‘W’ label may be visible on a rebar that can be welded together with another steel rebar.
    Tying is a comparatively safer and more popular method. It involves using materials available on the construction site to tie the rebars. Furthermore, workers can accomplish this task in a short amount of time.
  4. Recyclable
    Steel rebars are an excellent choice to use for your concrete construction project. They’re highly ductile, increase impact resistance, and are easy to assemble. But did you know steel bars are recyclable too? You can recycle them multiple times without any effect on their properties. So the steel bars can be recycled anew when a building gets demolished.

What’s Next?

Now that you know why you should use steel rebar for concrete construction, don’t hesitate to contact Fort Bend Steel Supply. We have many products to help you construct strong structures. Dial (281) 499-5800 to contact us today.

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