R-Panels vs. Corrugated Metal Panels — Which One to Choose?

Metal roofing is quite popular as it lasts around 40 to 60 years. Not only is it durable, but you can find metal roofing that fits your budget. Many fear the cost and switch to cheap roofing options. However, you can find a metal roofing suitable for your budget that provides all the benefits as well. For instance, both corrugated and r-panel metal panels were created as readily available, budget-friendly options for agricultural application. Nowadays, they’re a popular alternative for siding and roofing for residential or commercial purposes.

So when you’re exploring the available choices, you might wonder what the difference between r panel and corrugated metal roof panels is. In this blog, we’ll go over the difference between these two panels.

The Difference Between R-Panel & Corrugated Metal Panels

Despite being made of metal, both corrugated and r panels have their differences. Here are some specific features that separate these two metal panels:

  1. Appearance
    Traditionally, corrugated metal roofing panels have a round and wavy appearance. Nonetheless, it could mean any type of metal with grooves or ridges. Moreover, you can find corrugated panels in many colors.When it comes to r-panels, they have 36” panels with raised ribs. There’s a flat area between the ribs.Both panels have exposed fastener systems.
  2. Strength
    The panel gets strong as it becomes deeper. When it comes to depth, R-panels win the round as they’re deeper, meaning they’re stronger too. Nevertheless, this may not make much of a difference on a roof that has a solid wood substrate. Still, you should consider using a stronger panel if you have a metal siding you think might dent or people might bump into.
  3. Fastener Placement
    Fastener placement is also different for both panels. Whether you’re using the R-panel as roofing or siding, the fasteners are always placed in the lowest area of the panel. This ensures that the panel is attached securely to the structure. Furthermore, the panels have more screws on the panel end than the interior. In this way, the panels don’t blow off the roof due to the high winds.

    The fastener placement for corrugated panels depends on the purpose. So what you’re using the corrugated metal for will help determine where to place the fasteners. Here’s a brief guide:

    • siding: the low or the lower part of the groove
    • Roofing: high part of the groove
  4. Common Applications
    Be it residential or commercial; you can use both metal panels in multiple ways. Still, there are specific ways each panel is used.You can use corrugated metals for both roofing and siding. Although you can use them for both, they’re used in residential applications instead of commercial.

    R-panels are also used in commercial and residential applications. But r-panels are used more as metal siding rather than metal roofing. R-panels, in fact, are the most popularly used metal siding panel. Moreover, it is used in commercial projects more.

Looking for the Best Metal Panels?

You have r-panels and corrugated metal panels as the two options for metal roofings or siding. You can pick the best choice based on the project. Fort Bend Steel Supply has the best metal products for you; reach us at 14038 S Gessner Rd, Missouri City, TX 77489. Talk to us today at (281) 499-5800.

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