Applications of stainless steel rebar

Many of us have been noticing the rusty rebar under the bridges, dock areas, or ramps. The places are in constant exposure to the environment that causes it. Spalling happens as the steel in the rebar often expands due to rusting and corrosion. Stainless steel rebar is a better option in many such places. It has high strength and long term resistance to corrosion. Due to it, the harsh weather does not have much effect on the rebar.

Use in marine structures

As it is corrosion-resistant, the stainless steel rebar is appropriate for use in marine systems. Near docks and the sea, the air is damp; hence the chances of corrosion are high. The use of the wrong material affects the construction that results in a weak structure in the long run. Engineers prefer the use of stainless steel there. Sea walls, bridge decks, barriers, anchoring systems, columns, and all related structures mostly use stainless steel rebar.

Use in chemical industry and areas with high seismicity

Apart from the marine areas, stainless steel rebar is a preference in the chemical industry. Chemicals have their properties. Harsh ones can break through steel. Hence, using corrosion-resistant material is essential. Besides the chemical industry, stainless steel rebar is the choice in areas of high seismicity. The rebar here has the strength to hold the structure in the right position.

It adds strength to concrete

It is easier to crack the concrete than to crush it due to its tensile strength. Therefore, while construction, rebar is added to the concrete to give additional strength. Many different types of rebar are available having different properties. While construction, the engineer selects the most suitable one based on power, surrounding environment, and other factors. Cost and quality vary as per the requirements.

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