Carbon Steel Pipe

The manufacturing industry and infrastructure rely on the products made out of steel. A carbon steel pipe is a cylindrical tube having various applications. It mostly runs underground, transporting liquids such as oil, water, and gas from the source to the final point. Multiple sizes and lengths of piping are available. Hence the selection is according to the need for manufacturer and construction.

From the narrow tubing for cooling purposes in the back of the fridge in your household or bike racks and handrails to tubing running in bridges and skyscrapers, everything is steel. A carbon steel pipe is present in almost all constructions around us. Steel is made by melting the raw materials and then molding and welding it into various shapes.

Carbon steel pipe manufacturing

Generally, it involves two main processes; in the first one, the furnace melts the raw materials in molten forms adding all the essential materials. Removal of impurities, then follows, and finally, the molten state pours into molds. From here, the liquid form of steel forms into concrete, steel slabs, billets, and blooms. The process forms various sizes. Slabs and billets form a pipe. Furthermore, to create a tube, the steel billet undergoes heating and stretching and is cut through the center to become a steel pipe.

In the other process, the steel slab undergoes heating at high temperature and pressure. Then it rolls into narrow strips of steel called skelp. The process then cleans the skelp with sulfuric acid, washes it with water, and shapes it into raw materials that form a pipe. The diameter of the pipe depends on the width of the skelp. It further goes into the process, heats, bends, and finally, the parts seal into a pipe.

A carbon steel pipe is suitable for transporting liquids and gases. However, if there is a need of high pressure and temperature, a seamless carbon steel pipe is more promising. At Fort Bend Steel, we believe in providing quality steel products that last a lifetime. A vast range of steel products is available in various sizes and lengths. To know more about the steel products or to place an order, contact us at (281) 499 58.

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