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Choosing R-Panels for Weather Resistance

August 22, 2019 701 Views

If you are building in Houston, it’s important to use weather-resistant materials. The destruction of Hurricane Harvey has forced many of us to consider the durability of our construction projects. Fortunately, there are affordable materials that you can use during your build to stay protected in a variety of weather conditions. In this article, we … Continue reading “Choosing R-Panels for Weather Resistance”

Using Angle Iron for Repairs

July 29, 2019 667 Views

When it comes to repair work, you know how important it is to use reliable materials. Angle iron is a great tool for builders because it provides sturdiness to a variety of projects without the weight or bulk that you’ll find with other materials. Keep reading to learn why angle iron is a great material … Continue reading “Using Angle Iron for Repairs”

Flashing Options for Any Project

July 29, 2019 737 Views

At Fort Bend Steel Supply, we know that the accessories you use for your build are just as important as your primary building supplies. We also understand that the weather in Houston can be unpredictable. Flashing is a small building accessory that can add serious protection against rain damage, keeping your build safe in a … Continue reading “Flashing Options for Any Project”

Customize Your Project With Weather Paint

June 24, 2019 759 Views

We understand that the look of your project is important. Whether you are working on a home project or a commercial build, customized paint can create a beautiful finish that will be enjoyed for years to come. At Fort Bend Steel, we can provide steel parts to you in a variety of different color options. … Continue reading “Customize Your Project With Weather Paint”

The Importance of Using Rebar

June 18, 2019 787 Views

You want your build to last a lifetime. While there are many ways to reinforce a project, rebar is one of the most versatile and reliable options. But what exactly is rebar, and why should you choose it over another type of reinforcement? Keep reading to learn about this important material. What is Rebar? The … Continue reading “The Importance of Using Rebar”

Why Work With a Local Steel Supplier?

May 22, 2019 663 Views

If you are purchasing supplies for a construction project, you have more choices in suppliers today than ever before. National chains are expanding and the internet has made it easy to purchase materials from all over the country. While these options might seem like the right choice, a local supplier will be able to provide … Continue reading “Why Work With a Local Steel Supplier?”

Square Tubing Vs. Purlins: What’s Right For Your Build?

May 18, 2019 7561 Views

Square tubing and purlins are both popular types of structural support. On the surface, these materials look similar. So what is the difference between square tubing and purlins, and why might you want to work with one over the other? Keep reading to learn which supply is best for your project. About Square Tubing Square … Continue reading “Square Tubing Vs. Purlins: What’s Right For Your Build?”

Secure Your Home or Business With Steel Burglar Bars

April 17, 2019 822 Views

We all know that protecting our property is important. But what kind of security measure is best for you? Burglar bars are a simple and effective way to protect any home or business. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of burglar bars and explain why this classic security measure is still so popular. … Continue reading “Secure Your Home or Business With Steel Burglar Bars”

Why Work With Steel Square Tubing?

March 22, 2019 790 Views

Tubing is used in a wide variety of construction projects. Whether you’re working on a residential or commercial build, you will most likely need tubing at some stage of the project. Most builders are aware of how useful steel can be during a construction job, but they might not think to use steel square tubing. … Continue reading “Why Work With Steel Square Tubing?”

Choosing Between R-Panels and U-Panels For Your Next Roofing Project

March 18, 2019 2622 Views

Choosing the right panels is a crucial part of any roofing project. Your panel choice will impact the look of your roof and different panels work best for different project types. R-panels and U-panels are both common for steel roofing projects. Below, we’ll discuss the difference between these two-panel types and the reasons why you … Continue reading “Choosing Between R-Panels and U-Panels For Your Next Roofing Project”

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