Different Uses of Angle Bars

An angle bar or angle iron has various uses in different projects. An angle bar is a metal bracket with a shape of a right-angle triangle, usually made out of galvanized steel. Angle bars have various uses in construction and repair works. In fact, the only limit to their usage is the imagination of the builder.

Discussed below are some of the uses of angle bars:


Angle bars provide additional strength and stability to columns and beams. They also provide vertical and horizontal support to buildings, bridges, and communication towers. Since angle bars are usually made of galvanized steel, they are resistant to corrosion and can easily bear harsh weather conditions.

Masonry Projects

You can use angle bars in masonry projects. Mounting it on the top of the window or door frames provides enough structural strength that can carry the weight of the wall or door above the window. Similarly, this method can be applied to form shelves in masonry walls too.

Corner and Edges

Angle bars keep the corners of wooden boxes or concrete structures safe from wear and tear. Angle iron keeps the corners safe from chipping and corrosion.


Angle bars have a unique use in transportation. Sometime a trolley and cart may not be available to transport the heavy objects. Here is where angle iron comes handy, you can use it to move heavy objects from one point to another. To do this, simply place the closed side of the angle bar upwards and then place the object of the top and try to push it until it reaches the destination.

Shelves and Frames

Angle bars have very creative use in furniture making. You can use them as support for tables, benches, and bed frames. You can also anchor them into the wall and use them as a prop for shelves. They provide immense strength for shelves so you can easily place heavy objects too.

Fort Bend Steel Supply provides high-quality angle bars for both industrial and residential use. To order your desired angle bars or for information regarding uses and prices, call us on 281-499-5800.

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