What Is A Purlin Roof ?

Planning of a strong and reliable roof is extremely important in the construction of a house, building, or a warehouse. Without it, the roofing sheets and tiles have nowhere to rest on and would deviate from their actual positions. Therefore purlin is an integral part of roof construction.

Purlins are beams made of steel that you can use to make frameworks of building roofs that support the weight of roofing sheets and wall cladding sheets. Wooden roof purlins are also available; however, experts prefer galvanized steel purlins as they are more durable, cost-effective, and provide more strength to the roof structure.

There are two types of purlins available, z purlins and c purlins.

C purlins form walls and floor joists of a buildings’ structure. This makes them ideal for supporting beams needed for mezzanine flooring.

Z purlins form roof and wall joists of a buildings’ structure. They support the roofing sheets and ensure that they are securely fixed in their position.

Purlins are essential to make a strong attachment between roof and wall claddings. Purlins bear the weight of metal sheets and direct the pressure onto the building structure, which makes it stable and firm.

Benefits of Steel Purlins

• They are relatively cheaper than wooden purlins. So are easy on your budget.
• Environmentally friendly because they can be recycled
• They take less time to assemble
• Are lightweight as compared to wooden ones, therefore easy to handle
• Not affected by termites or other insects
• Have a much longer life span than wood
• Safe during fire emergencies

The lightweight of steel purlins makes the installing task easier and faster. In addition, their strength makes the roof structure strong and durable.

For any information regarding the purlin roof, call Fort Bend Steel Supply on 281-499-5800 and get an ultimate solution to your roofing structures.

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