Uses and Benefits of Stainless Steel Expanded Metal

Stainless steel expanded metal is made from stainless steel metal sheet. It is formed with the process of die-cutting and stretching, which gives it a diamond-shaped opening. Expanded metal also provides saving in terms of weight and allows free passage to light, liquid, sound, and air. Stainless steel expanded metal is more rigid than an equal plate of solid steel plate or wire mesh, and this property makes it very popular for a variety of uses such as:


  • Usually used as window or vent guard, security mesh for banks or parking lots
  • A unique usage is as BBQ grills, because of its high-temperature resistance properties
  • You can also use it to make a cage for your pet at home or use it when you travel
  • People also use it to make a security mesh for windows and door to prevent thieves from entering
  • Another application is to create an outer covering of automobile filters

However, one should not use it for walkways, grills, or trailers because it is not strong enough for these applications.


Formed from one piece of material

A single piece of material forms stainless steel expanded metal, which means no fretting strands or strained joints or welds. The single-piece smooth design results in the formation of strong material.

Minimum Waste

The making of expanded metal involves the process of slitting and stretching to create holes rather than punching them out. It saves a lot of costs as compared to other metal processing methods, such as perforation, which wastes too much raw material.

Extended Strength

You can also combine stainless steel expanded metal mesh with other materials to give the final product an ultimate strength. For instance, you can use, plastics, glass, or rubber for increased strength and security.

Apart from the above-described applications and benefits, there is much more to expanded metal. For more information, contact Fort Bend Steel Supply at 281-499-5800.

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