What Do You Think, Does Galvanized Steel Rust?

If you are worried about rust, you then have two options:

  • Use a metal that does not rust
  • Coat the metal that does rust.

The most common metal we all know about that does not rust is stainless steel. But if you use stainless steel, you need to compromise on your costings and quality. On the other hand, if you are thinking of coating metal, then remember that paint is not a solution because it will wear off very quickly. Hence, you will have to galvanize it. And with galvanizing it, the question that comes up is, does galvanized steel rust?

So there is no direct yes or no answer to this question. Galvanized steel can rust and cannot rust. Are you confused? Then read further. When galvanizing, you are applying a thick zinc coat on top of the steel. This stops rust from reaching onto the steel for almost fifty years or more, but eventually, it will rust.

How Does Galvanizing Prevent Rusting

So let’s begin with what corrosion means. Corrosion is when oxygen reacts with the surface of steel and creates iron oxide, which clears away the body of the metal, exposing the new metal to oxygen. On the other hand, metals like aluminum and stainless steel do not let iron oxide eat up the top later, resisting corrosion. One more metal that can resist rusting is zinc, and it bonds well with steel.

So what you can do is, pain your metal with zinc paint because that is actually like you’re galvanizing it. The zinc will not allow the oxygen to reach the steel beneath. The oxide that forms on the top may dry up and leave a stain, but you can easily clean off the top.

What Affects Galvanized Steel?

But as mentioned, even zinc will eventually give up and let the rust slip onto the steel. Under what conditions this may happen is:

  • Areas where humidity is above sixty percent.
  • When there is sodium chloride and/or sulfur dioxide in the air.
  • If the top of the galvanized steel is exposed to wet conditions.
  • Access to acid rain.

What Can You Do Next?

So if you are looking to install some long-lasting steelwork at your location, then galvanized steel is the best for you. And if you think that does galvanized steel rust, then you know the answer, but you also know that it will not happen overnight. Galvanized steel has been in use for the last two thousand plus years, and its biggest reason is its property of holding it from getting rusted. If you are looking to learn more about steel, corrosion, and rust, you can reach out to Fort Bend Steel Supply, and our specialists will take care of your queries. Call us at (281) 499-5800 to speak to our consultants or book your appointment. We are at your service and are one of the best in the industry when it comes to handling and taking care of steel-related works.

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